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TMI Property Management & Development (tmirentals.com) owns and operates this property.

The St. Jean Baptiste Church property and building has seen over a century of local history - from weddings, to religious services and ceremonies - leaving long-lasting and strong memories for many local families. While respecting these emotional ties and by retaining the historic nature of this property, TMI Property Management & Development's goal is to restore, upgrade, convert, and reuse this cathedral for the twenty-first century as Lowell's most prominent function facility. We are committed to the past memories and history of this grand masterpiece.

We wish to restore the beautiful architecture of this building. Put simply: Our goal is to restore this cathedral to its past grandeur.

Our vision for this property is for it to be a destination for a variety of functions, including, but not limited to: Weddings, gatherings, conferences, art displays, business meetings, music concerts and more! However, in order to take the steps that are necessary to properly restore and upgrade this facility, we need to know that it is in the community's best interest. We need to know that there are people who wish to rent this magnificent building and use it as a function hall. We need to know that we have your support to make this a reality!

We believe in building relationships with our customers; it is at the root of TMI's founding principles. By building a relationship with you and the community, we believe that the St. Jean Baptiste Church facility can be turned into a destination for all types of functions. We thank you in advance for referring your friends and family to this website.

TMI Management

We wish to restore the beautiful architecture of this building. The standard amenities and facilities, such as heating, cooling, restrooms and windows need to be upgraded. All the work we plan to do requires a significant amount of time and monetary investment. Put simply: Our goal is to restore this cathedral to its past grandeur. If you would be interested in renting this venue in the near future, please take the time to fill out our informational survey. Please direct your family and friends to this website. Current TMI residents may be able to receive discounted rental rates of this space.

Please spread the word about this great building, its restoration, and its reuse. Let's continue the legacy together and breath new life into this magnificent historic landmark. We need to know we have your support.

The past/the current/the future.
Lowell's Historic Cathedral: Let's make this a reality together.
Thank you,
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TMI Property Management & Development provides high quality residential and commercial properties. Our former St. Jean Baptiste Church property is one of our newest commercial venues. We are currently assessing community interest in restoring this magnificent historic landmark and converting it into Lowell's most majestic cathedral for all functions.

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