(978) 937 3033    1,2,3 Bedroom Apartments
Arched Interior
Arched Interior Magnificent engineering feat.
Original Architecture
Original Architecture Some of the areas that need to be restored.
Front Exterior
Front Exterior
Rear Exterior
Rear Exterior Rear of the facility
Photo Sketch
Photo Sketch
Ceiling View of the organ and loft area.
Interior at Dusk
Interior at Dusk
Interior View
Interior View
Interior View
Interior View With accent lights illuminated.

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TMI Property Management & Development provides high quality residential and commercial properties. Our former St. Jean Baptiste Church property is one of our newest commercial venues. We are currently assessing community interest in restoring this magnificent historic landmark and converting it into Lowell's most majestic cathedral for all functions.

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Lowell's Cathedral
741 Merrimack St.
Lowell, MA


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